Pierre's Point

Family Beach Vacation

Please obey these RULES, otherwise you can and will get evicted or fined:


No vehicle entry without a valid parking pass, otherwise it will get towed at owners expense or pinned down by a parking boot. Offroad vehicles are not permitted. Fireworks are banned. We will pump your black- and greywater for $40 per pump-out. A 20 gallon blue is for rent available as well. Use of our sani-dump is free.


Check-in is after 1.00 pm, check-out is at 10.00 am! Quiet time is 11.00 pm - 7.00 am. Visitors to your campsite must sign in at the gatehouse, leave their vehicle in the visitor parking lot.

Day Visitors: $5.00 per adult

Overnight: $10.00 per person


There is a roped off swimming area - but no lifeguards! Do not use glassware on the beach. Smokers please use portable ashtray. Campfires are strictly prohibited on the beach, except for propane firerings.


No outsite firewood is permitted, you have to buy your firewood at the campground $8.00 per bundle. Campfires are allowed in the firering at your campsite only. Propane firerings excluded. We have propane firerings for rent!


Toilet paper ONLY flushed into septic system. Moistened wipes of any kind, feminine products or any other object has to get disposed in garbage cans or feminine product bags in stalls. We do our best and inspect and clean the washrooms several times during the day and night, however please let a staff member know if a washrooms needs our attention!


Showers - $1.00 for 2.5 minutes

Laundry - $2.50 per cycle

Dryer - $0.75 per 15 minutes of drying time


Your dogs and other pets are welcome at Pierre's Point. However, they have to be on leash at all times and can only use the dog beach. Aggressive behaviour from pets or humans is not tolerated. Please clean up after your animal. Failure to do so, will result in a $100 fine. $100 reward for a person catching it on cell phone.


Please obey signs at the boat launch. Park your boat trailers in designated areas only. Stay away from the roped swimming area, No wakes!


Drive slowly at all times when in the campground - 10 km/h! There are bicycles, small children, dogs and squirrels that cound on you!


Park on your campsite only! No parking on empty campsites or common areas at all!


Parents are personally and legally responsible for their children's conduct and actions. All children must be back in their own campsite by 10.00 pm.


Do not cut wiener sticks or poles. We have wiener sticks for sale at the store. The operators of Pierre's Point Campground will not be responsible for fire, theft, accidents to persons or property, vandalism or any act of god.


Draining greywater on your campsite is prohibited, please use a bucket, blue boy or sani-dump!


There are no refunds for evictions resulting from rule violations or rude behaviour!


Management                  pierrespointcampground@gmail.com